What is a STAR Station? Where to Find local center?

What is a STAR Station?

STAR stations are Smog Check stations that meet higher performance standards established by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Some STAR stations are licensed to perform only tests, while others are licensed to perform both tests and repairs. The station
is required to post a sign on the services it performs.State law requires that a percentage of vehicles have their Smog Check Inspection performed at a STAR station

What station types are in the Smog Check Program?

Smog Check stations can be licensed as either a Test-Only, Test-and-Repair, or Repair-Only station. Both Test-Only and Test-and-Repair stations may apply for STAR certification. As a result, there are four possible station types allowed to inspect vehicles:

STAR Test-Only

cannot repair vehicles, but can inspect and certify all vehicles including directed and gross-polluting vehicles;

STAR Test-and-Repair

can repair vehicles, and can certify directed vehicles and gross polluting vehicles; also must provide repair assistance services under BARs Consumer
Assistance Program;

Test-Only (non-STAR certified)

can inspect and vehicles that are not directed or gross polluting vehicles, including vehicles undergoing a change of ownership;

Test-and-Repair (non-STAR certified)

can repair vehicles and inspect and certify vehicles that are not directed or gross-polluting vehicles, including vehicles undergoing a change of ownership.
In addition, there is now a Repair-Only station license for the Smog Check Program.
However, since these stations are licensed only to perform repairs, and not Smog Check inspections, they are not be eligible for the STAR Program

Where to Find Smog Station?

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